Thursday, September 6, 2007

Whatcha Reading?

Reading can be so much fun unless you have some problems. We got a diagnosis of dyslexia and Irlen syndrome this summer. That explains so much now. He is slowly figuring it out. How to get those words mean something for him is a slow process.

Children with dyslexia are not lazy or just trying to get away without doing their schoolwork. You can see their struggles and their ways of hiding from people who might expect them to read something in front of others.

I have made it well known around our friends here at home that he has dyslexia and that it is ok now. Now, we know what is going on with him. My son knows he has it and I let him know and was excited when I told him. That excitement rubbed off on him.

Did you know how many famous and very intelligent people in history were dyslexic? According to the book The Gift of Dyslexia by Ronald D. Davis there are many. I'll mention some you might already know.
Whoopi Goldberg
Jay Leno
Greg Louganis
What about Albert Einstein, Alexander Graham Bell, Winston Churchill, Leonardo da Vinci, Walt Disney, Nelson Rockefeller and Woodrow Wilson.

Those are a few and my son is among those very smart, intelligent people. Having a hard time with reading doesn't mean that you are dumb. It just means you have a different way of learning. It's not the way everyone else learns but then that is what makes you special. You are able to learn reading differently. My child is more out of the box kind of thinker. A bright very intelligent son I have.

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Missi said...

I agree...
Out of the Box = Creative, Ingenuitive, Inventive, and all the wonderful things being boxed in can prevent:)