Sunday, September 30, 2007

You've gotta be kidding....

We had to do this trip. For those of you afraid of snakes I saved the best for last. So the last picture is of the snakes. After watching the show Dirty Jobs where he was in this place and cleaning the alligator pond and snake pits we just knew we had to go there. Let me tell you that there are a ton of snakes there, all kinds of snakes. This place had the largest collection of venomous snakes that I have ever seen. That was our adventure Saturday. It was a fun trip and there's more so keep on the lookout.
My what big teeth you have.
"Please just don't spit."
Hey what's that ringtailed Lemur doing kissing my hubby?
Two big snakes... what more can I say?

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Just Carolyn said...

You did that on purpose, didn't you? So I would still see the snake when I went to leave a comment? hehehe

Loved the one of you and the boys with the Llama!