Monday, October 1, 2007

Remember the Alamo

Yep we made it to the Alamo. Got a picture of us all in front of the Alamo. This was our last vacation day and we did a lot that day.

We took a ride on the boats at the Riverwalk and while going down that we saw some awesome buildings and art in those buildings. If you look down that is the Riverwalk and since it was getting dark and a little cooler than HOT we went for it.
This building is lighted and has gargoyles which you can see sticking out on the top. The gargoyles are also used as rain gutters so when it rains the water comes out of their mouths. I'd like to see that in person when it's raining but then I would get soaked. Ok never mind. Also if you look at it from this angle it looks like a ship coming from the water. Do you see it?
Of course you know I had to get a close up to see them better. Sorry that is as close up as I could get.
This is not my greatest picture but it was dark and we were in the water but had to show you. They were playing some different kinds of wooden instruments. It sounded pretty cool.
Hope you enjoyed your very quick tour thru San Antonio, Texas. I know we had fun.

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Just Carolyn said...

Looks like FUN!! I can totally see the ship!

TTYT, Love, CH