Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Amazing life cycles

We were outside clearing out some cement blocks and I knew we would find something interesting out there. I had my camera in hand when we came across this snake skin. I looked up some information on snake skins and found out that when they are ready to shed their skins they look for a secure, dark location because the scales that cover their eyes become cloudy and its eyesight gets very poor. Hence the reason we found it in the cement blocks. What is amazing is the eyes.
You can see that the covering of the eyes also comes off. Isn't that amazing.
While looking to try to identify this which I didn't by the way. I went off in another directions. I found some interesting ways to tell if it is a poisonous snake or not. There are a few distinguishing characteristics that help us in this. Poisonous snakes have vertically elliptical eye pupil. If it is a pit viper it has an opening between the eye and the nostril which is called a pit. Non-poisonous snakes don't have that pit and their eyes are round.

Another interesting way to tell them apart that I didn't know is their tails. Poisonous snakes have a single row of scales under their tails. Basically they are circles around the tail. The nonpoisonous snakes have divided scales that appear to be in two rows.
I think I'll look at their eyes first before checking out their tails if I come across a live snake, don't you think?


Just Carolyn said...

That is very interesting! I am just glad its not a live snake you are holding :D I think thats a good idea to look at the eyes first btw! ;-)

It's always fun and amazing to take a closer look at Jehovah's creations, isn't it. Thanks for sharing!
Your Sis, Carolyn

Brit said...

wow! I don't think I have ever seen a shed skin that has the eye coverings intact. I wouldn't get the chance to check out the eyes OR the tail of a snake, I am usually running away pretty fast.

Anonymous said...

Wow, now that is cool!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am glad you got a laugh out of my Mental Breakdown Day! LOL

Your blog looks like a great read! I will have to come back someday before midnight! LOL


School for Us said...

What a wonderful snake skin! We found one last week at the arboretum :-) and I took a quick photo. I wish I would have got a closer look! And, thanks for doing some research and teaching us all a little something!