Thursday, October 25, 2007

Outdoor weather

If you've ever been to Texas you know that it is usually hot and sticky and muggy and did I say HOT? We finally got our first cold front and it was way too nice not to go out and run around.

Paper airplanes were also in order. Jumping from the swings and just plain old running around the house was this days form of physical education.

Have you ever had one of those days when you're doing school and the kids just don't want to cooperate? They don't pay attention. They try to wiggle their way out of school. They daydream. Then it's time for some moving around time. I have found as I'm sure some of you have too that when this happens you just have to drop things and change gears. Not to mention that all this running around gets them good and tired so they go to bed on time.

Running around and exercising is so important not just to motivate but for the health of everyone. Its so easy to have the kids sit in front of the tv or in front of the computer or playing video games after school gets done. Since the introduction of all these wonderful new exciting forms of entertainment children in general have become more sedentary. In other words they just don't get the exercise they need. So we as homeschooling parents have to make sure they get out. There is anything from organized sports to dancing, hiking, walking and just plain old running around the house.

There are so many games that your child can play but most are made for a large number of children and unless your the Dugger's you really can't make your own baseball teams. I found this book that has activities that a family can play and get the exercise they need. Most of the games are for 2 players and up to 4 players and more. If you have an only child I guess mom or dad will be the second player.

I like the book. Although I am sure you could think of a few things to play but I like to open a book and it has all the ideas written out for me. Why make life difficult when someone has already invented the wheel.

So get up and get out and exercise. Have fun!!


Patty said...

If the boys want to dance for exercise then I'm there! I can teach them so they can be my dancing partners at the parties ;) I know them well enough to know that will never happen! haha

live4evermom said...

I put dancing in because I am hoping one day they will want to dance with me. I love dancing but have no partners. One day they will be begging me to teach them. I'll call you because I'll probably be in a wheelchair by the looks of it.

School for Us said...

I forgot you lived in Texas, though I'm not sure where in Texas. Anyway, the arboretum I went to is actually the Mercer Arboretum on the north side of Houston. Also, if you're close by, we have a terrific nature group that goes on an outing once a month.