Saturday, October 13, 2007

Day 7 Photo

This is the last day of my photos week. I hope you have enjoyed seeing my wonderful pictures. Today I have two pictures of mountains. This first one is from the Rockies in Canada. We were driving to Banff to spend a few days and enjoyed watching all the mountains and the different scenery from here in Texas.
This second picture was a trip I made to California to visit a friend. This was one of the best days. This is Half Dome in Yosemite. What an awesome site. These pictures don't do justice to being there in person.
Oh and the waterfalls!!!! Both places had wonderful waterfalls. I can't wait till the time when I will live next to my own mountain and have a waterfall that cascades down into a stream that comes close to my very open and airy home. Sounds wonderful doesn't' it?


School for Us said...

Incredible photos! I want to go there! :-)

live4evermom said...

Both places, Banff in Canada and Yosemite in California were my most memorable experiences.