Sunday, October 14, 2007

Our year of Math

This year we are using two different programs for math. First of all we are using Teaching Textbooks. Our oldest is doing 7th grade math on that. This has been a great program for our family. He just puts in the cd and the lessons are taught on the computer and then he does the problems and it instantly tells you if you got it right or wrong. It keeps the grades and will give you an option of printing out the grades. He loves this program and so do I. It actually frees up my time so that I can spend with the other ones that are using a different program. We decided on 7th grade to serve as review and to make sure he was ready for Algebra. Wow, next year he will be doing Algebra. I can't believe that.

Now this program is one that is on the high price range but in my opinion well worth it. We are definitely sticking to Teaching Textbooks for next year.

The other two are doing Rod and Staff. This link will take you to a site where you can review the different grades they have. These are the most inexpensive books I have ever gotten. Not only that but I have gotten some of my Rod and Staff second hand or from a used book store and it's usually half price.

I like these books because they are easy, clear and you get lots of practice which is what kids need at a young age.

Now what about if you just want a little something else? Here is something free to use. It's called Superkids website and you can create your own worksheets. Lots of good free things can be found free online.

I also have some suggestions on some fun reading books for math. These are books I have in my own library and will read again starting with my little one. For the older ones is the books The Adventures of Penrose the mathematical cat. There are a few pages in this book that are titled Penrose meets Fibonacci rabbit. I remember using a magazine for a math lapbook lesson we did on the Fibonacci sequence. Interesting stuff there.

The other book Math for Kids and other people too is not just for kids. It's a neat book. Of course, The Grapes of Math and the series of books about Sir Cumference are fun books too. I think that the story of The Greedy Triangle is for the younger crowd. It's got big colorful pictures and the little ones love this one.

Those are just a few of my collection of math books for kids of all ages. Math is fun when you add some good fun extras. Not just sit down book work in our house.

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