Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sick days

Life sometimes throws you some curves that you don't expect. As moms who homeschool three kiddos, you must know that when mom gets sick, things still need to get done.

I am just recovering from what the doctor thinks was a migraine. It was a week long migraine. We'd start off with school and I would end up with a pulsing, throbbing headache with only a few hours into our school day. Not much got done.

So what do you do? Well, I finally had enough and went to the doctor a second time and was given two shots. Oh and let me tell you, the first was not that bad but the second was a doozy. OUCH!! Did it do the trick? YEP, my migraine is gone. That was only after 22 hrs of sleep. Those shots knocked me out almost a full day. I have never slept that long. I think I need a massage now because my back hurt so bad from being in bed so long.

Now it's back to doing our extras. Gotta get art and some nature time in to our days. What a wonderful school day we had today. Life seems wonderful when you don't have a migraine. Back to work now.

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