Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Is three a crowd?

What do you think? Is three a crowd? These are the lemon and orange trees that we have been picking from. See how much fruit is still on these. This was after we picked a trunk full. So far several friends have benefited from our day out picking.

Boys will be boys. They had to play while we were out there. It's just inviting.
Ok time to go! Load'em up and get'em out of there. That's enough fun for the day.


Just Carolyn said...

Looks so awesome! Very beautiful...lots of fun. I can just taste that fresh lemonade you would have been making once you got home....mmmmm smackerel!

Too bad you couldn't send up some to Canada for me! ;-) ehehe Tha'd be fun!

LYS, Carolyn

Penelope said...

Now that's the kind of crowd I like! How neat!

cali said...

ethan is getting so big!!