Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A slugs life

As I was sending off our guests last night and coming back into the garage I passed this long black thing on the ground. At first sight I thought it was a stick, getting old and all and needing glasses. hehehe Then I got down and it was a slug. So I quickly ran inside and got our little bug collector. It was amazing to see it slither up and wanted to share. My boys say it looks like a conveyor belt going along. Whatcha think? Here is a link that you might find interesting. http://www.arnobrosi.com/slugbio.html


School for Us said...

Wow! Now, that is cool! And, slugs are one of the few things I "don't" like. I think you've just changed my opinion... thanks!!

Just Carolyn said...

Well, I have to say, my Jack is like me in thinking that this is pretty gross! But Meg on the other hand is more like you in thinking this looks really cool! Especially the way it moves, she thought it looked ripply.

(she says hesitantly...) Thanks for sharing!