Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sissy Biker Chic

This is me. I know I'm a chicken, don't tell me that. hehehe Sorry but I couldn't turn the video. It was sent to me differently and there was no way I could figure out how to turn it. Hope it looks good. Don't laugh too much now.


Just Carolyn said...

Love how you posed for hubby there, right at the beginning! hehehe

Hey at least you got on it!

Way to go Sis!

Missi said...

LOL...I know you said not to tell you but...chicken!!! lol...
of course you did better than me...I would have just stayed on the side lines and laughed at everyone else
*big grin*~~ Here is to keeping it young and fun girl!-thumbs up~Missi

Nancy said...

Still funny!!!

cali said...

hahahahah tia!! I new you weren't as tough of a southern texas women as i thought you were!! lol you did great though!! :)