Saturday, November 10, 2007

Spider, spider, beware!

The Venusta Orchard Spider (Leucauge) spider has bright green and silvery-white markings on its body. Some specimens have yellow, orange, or reddish markings. Males are half the size of females. They carry their egg-shaped abdomens high. The legs are very long. This spider lives in open, light areas, on one foot-wide orb webs built on trees and shrubs. They are not considered harmful to humans. The species name venusta comes from Latin meaning "beautiful", and that is certainly true of this spider.

All this from a little walk around the house. This little guy was in my shrubs. Gotta love my shrubs for giving me new things to look at. By the way, the bright green was more of an iridescent green and the red spots were almost neon red color. Very beautiful indeed.


Nancy said...

Did you kill it? (JK)

School for Us said...

Oh, cool! I think that is what I took a photo of the other day. Thanks for sharing it!