Saturday, December 15, 2007


We have been using Artistic Pursuits this year. Since we have never really used watercolor that much before it has been fun to use this book this year. We have done lots of watercolor paintings. This was a watercolor wash. You basically wet the paper then add color and move it around. It's been fun getting all the boys in on this.
You can see the color going up with the wet paper.
They figured that if you put dots of color it would move around because of the wet paper. So they started doing lots of dots.
We had fun. All of us had fun seeing the colors blend on their own.


Nancy said...

Cool, we just did that last weekend!

I the boys' artwork.

School for Us said...

I have been thinking about doing Artistic Pursuits off and on. I think I need to look at it again. Looks like the kids are having fun!