Friday, December 14, 2007

What in the World is that?

The boys got done with their paper mache worlds. It was pretty fun making all the mess. I always get them to do their projects and I help them set up and get started but I never end up making anything. Then I sit here looking at their finished projects and I wonder why I didn't do it too. I'll have to do some fun things too.


Robin said...

Good morning!
I've been reading your blog this morning and I love it! You seem to have a lot of my same philosophies. I even have that stupid scent allergy thing going on. I can't walk through the perfume area of department stores, and elevators can be dangerous scent traps.
I love, love, love your boys paper mache world globes! They did an awesome job!
And when I got to the bottom of your blog, I noticed that music widget, you have lots of my favorite songs!
I'm so excited that I'm going to bookmark your blog.
Btw, I got your link from Dana's blog, School for us. I love her blog too, and someday I want to come to Texas and meet Dana in person.

School for Us said...

The world's look great! I have the opposite problem here... I almost always "have to" make the projects, too, as my dd doesn't want to do them alone. Sometimes, I'm happy to, but sometimes....

Anyway, they look great. And, I don't have the same scent allergies as you, but I am allergic to perfumes! They make me cough. And, we go to quite a few ballets, musicals, operas, etc... and that is where people really lay the perfume on! (cough... cough...)