Saturday, December 8, 2007

Our World

This past week we started our project for geography. Yep, a paper mache world. We got it all nice and dry now and will have one more week to work on it and finish it up.

We did do it indoors although a friend told us to go and do it outside. Not too bad and not too much mess indoors. We have round outdoor picnic table that we put in our screen porch but we bring indoors for projects just like these. We had fun.
The little one had the most fun and didn't want much help. *sigh* I should have made my own. I did eventually get to get my hands in the stuff. I remember I used to love doing all these fun school projects.
Of course after we were done with that the kids decided that they would see how big they can get a balloon to go with water. I had gotten a package of balloons for the project and had a ton left so they had to do this. I told them they had to clean up the floors if that thing popped before getting it outdoors. I was actually hoping it would pop so they could clean my floors. hehehe They walked outside very carefully.

Oh and for those of you that live further north of us....we still have been having shorts weather down here. It still gets into the lower 80's F. No snow for us. *wwaaahhhhh*


School for Us said...

Looks like a great project. Can't wait to see the finished model! And, I'm LOVING this warm weather. Yeah! - we get to keep wearing our shorts! :-)

Missi said...

Wow the kids did keep from getting too messy...when we did it I had it in my hair on my nose ...I was messier than my kids! Maybe it is because we did do it outside and it hd been windy that day...Can't wait to see the finished project;)

Just Carolyn said...

Well, I will tell you what...I would give our snow for your 80's F ANYDAY!! You can have it...cold and all! hehehe

Looks like a great project...I love paper mache' too. Is this project in your Trail Guide book?

LYS, Carolyn