Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Picture Quiz 3

As we were waiting for hubby to come home yesterday to do that diet coke and mentos thing, he finally drove up and the kids were so glad so they could have their fun. Hubby was in his truck and motioned for me to go over before he got out. I knew he had something with him. I wondered, "What did he buy now!" hehehe He brought this from work.

Take a guess at what this is. I'll post what this is by Friday. I was amazed at this. By the way, we have it in our house. I could not let this go.

Answer: Yep grubs!! Now just have to wait till we figure out what they are. They are either rhinoceros beetles or hercules beetles. They are huge and we have them in a glass aquarium and some dirt. Hubby brought them in a styrofoam cup and when he got home they had made holes in them. They are 3 inches long and as thick as my thumb. Ugly looking things!


Missi said...

ooh, ooh ~~I know...I know...but I would be cheating since you already told

live4evermom said...

Thank you for not saying. Now let's see who will guess.

Nancy said...

I say it's a grub. It looks like the ones that turn into June Bugs. The kids would dig them up to give to our pet chicken.

School for Us said...

Oh, wow! Now I can't wait to see them "grow up!" :-)