Thursday, December 6, 2007

Tea Time Tuesday

Last week a friend invited me to tea and snack with a good book. Of course, my boys don't like hot tea so I had my nice hot tea and grabbed a few books and cuddled in bed with the boys to read. They enjoyed the snuggling part and listening to me read. Then I shared my picture with everyone and made an invitation to others.

This week we sat at the table and we all had something to drink and they had smores. Oh they loved that part. My little one was loving me read the David books but the older ones were not too thrilled. The front book is my oldest sons and has his sense of humor. For me it was like, ooooookkkk. Maybe I'll try something different next week. Let's see what I come up with.


Just Carolyn said...

I remember that stinky cheeseman book, that was funny!

Tuesday Tea Time is fun isn't it? At least for us anyway, hehe.

LYS, CH @};-

Missi said...

I enjoyed our Tea~Time...I am going to look up that Stinky Cheeseman the mug, 'cuz girl you are a 24-hour woman!!! Fun educational times in homeschool with wonderful hs friends:)