Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Picture Quiz 4

I'll try this a bit longer and see if anyone is interested in participating. I took this picture on the side of the road. I think this is my favorite wildflower picture. I have a few other good ones to share.

So who wants to guess what this is?

Update: Prairie Coneflower also known as Mexican Hat. This is one of the most common wildflowers in Texas. A little extra tidbit of information is that native tribes used this plant medicinally in many ways. One of it's uses was as a tea to cure abdominal pain and relieve headaches.


School for Us said...

I love your picture quizes! OK, well, I live in your "neck of the woods", but I seriously don't know what this is. So, I'll be checking back!!!

Nancy said...

Oh, no! I forgot to post my answer. I knew what it was. Guess I have to wait for the next quiz.