Thursday, December 13, 2007

My first tea pot

Yesterday hubby made chinese food. Yum, it was good. He loves to cook and I let him. hehehe Patty came over to eat and she brought me this gift set. How cool is that? I loved it, now I will have and official tea pot for our Tuesday Tea Time.

Now just in case you are wondering if I liked the tea and cookies that came with it, I will have to explain. Those Key Lime White Choc. cookies were awesome. The reg. choc chip ones were good too. The tea was good. The boys even drank the hot tea. They actually started to like hot tea even the oldest drank some hot tea. The oldest doesn't like to try new things. He did this time and he loved it. The youngest asked for seconds. Now what did I think of the tea....well, it tasted good. I tried it. One sip. I would have kept up drinking except for the fact that(a little something about me coming up) I am allergic to some smells. Wouldn't you know it, it started my headache going. Why ME????

I can't sit around people with perfume because I get headaches and I guess it's more flowery smells that get to me. I've had to walk out of large groups and take a walk outside to clear the smell from my brain. I guess it would be me to have these crazy things. It is totally frustrating when I can't sit an enjoy someones company or a nice hot cup of tea because of the smell and these headaches.

So that's my nice surprise and a little something about me. Next Tea Time Tuesday I'll be using my new tea pot.


Penelope said...

Oh my, your first tea pot! I guess you could say I was steeped in tea (pardon the pun). I come from a tea drinking family and I have six tea pots! LOL I love tea. Sorry to hear that the scent of the tea bothered you. What kind of tea was it? Some can be pretty strong.

denise said...

I have horrible allergies many are triggered by scents - perfumes, cleaning supplies, hair products, makeup, laundry detergent, you name it. Even the toner in my printer gets me.