Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Amazing Jellyfish

Here are the video clips I took at the Aquarium yesterday. Isn't it amazing? Don't forget to turn the music off at the bottom because there was music at the aquarium.


Missi said...

Breathtaking~~~I wish I had a water wall filled with those beauties just swimming relaxing and marvelous! I watched/ played all 3 videos at once, groovey! ~~M

Just Carolyn said...

So beautiful!! I would love to watch them at the aquarium too...How neat it would be to have something like that in our homes, so tranquil feeling. I wonder if something like this could be used for a screensaver?

So glad you shared this Martha!
Love it!
Carolyn @};-

Robin said...

Quite hypnotic, aren't they?

School for Us said...

Wow! I have to get to that aquarium! It's been years... And, I've seen the jellyfish in the middle at several places, but I don't remember seeing the first or last kind - amazing!!!