Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Monday Aquarium

Since one or the other has been sick for the past two weeks we really didn't do much as far as school goes. Then Monday we finally were all feeling a ton better so I decided to go to Corpus Christi and take the kids to the Aquarium there. The little one loves it. Their favorite part is the playground area they have.

He had to show me he could get up there on his own. He finally did it!

Now we did see some of the animals. The little one called me and told me to look at this cool frog. Isn't he beautiful?

Now nothing is complete without a visit to see the jellyfish. I have some video I would like to share but that will have to wait till tomorrow but it is truly amazing to see in the video so look back soon.

I think I have this picture at every stage of their lives.

This is at the entrance of the aquarium. This is another favorite spot. Of course someone has to make a face in a picture or the day would not be complete.

So our day was filled with fun. We saw the dolphin show and I love the jellyfish. You will understand why when I put up the video.


Just Carolyn said...

Love the pics...looks like a nice sunny day out...ya'll are still in shorts I see! One day we will enjoy going to the aquarium together. That would be fun!

Looking forward to seeing the video sis.
Love ya, Carolyn

live4evermom said...

It will be fun to do the aquarium together.

School for Us said...

Oh, that looks like fun! wish it wasn't so far away. But, what beautiful weather we've been having!

Robin said...

I LOVE your pictures!
And I'm so jealous... I love aquariums but the closest one to us is in Baltimore, about a 4 hour trip. Which is too long for me to make in just one day. And hubby won't want GB and I to go on our own. So, wah!

cali said...