Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A better day

Today after a week of coughs and fevers we felt good enough to go try a new restaurant in a little town close to where we live. Now to give you an idea of how small this town is you go to the first and only light and turn right and drive even further out, about 5miles and then you finally arrive. It's a new Italian place called Mama Mia's. They really do have NY style pizza and I guess they should as the owners are from NY. From this first picture you can't see the restaurant. You have to drive down a long dirt road past lots of trees to get to this place.
We took this picture as we were leaving and as you can see the road is a long way from the road.
This is the little restaurant that is next to their house. Their house was off to the right in another little nook of the property.
It looks like they just plowed down the fields for parking. So you are parked next to tall grass. It is a nice drive out there and the pizza was the BEST. So if you are ever in the area you must go visit this place. We will have to go during dinner time because they serve pasta dishes during that time. Lunch is mainly a few sandwiches and pizza which is perfect for those that work down in those parts.
I laughed when my little one started making "gravel angels" and thought only in Texas would you do this. No snow here so we make do.


cali said...

gravel IS the texas snow!! :)

Robin said...

Gosh, I hope they have enough business to keep it going. It's very picturesque, though.