Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Picture Quiz Wednesday

Ok, it's still Wednesday even though a little late in the day. I still had to do this because I know there are some that love doing this. So take your guess. Go ahead, leave your guess by leaving a comment. Come back on Friday to check for the update with the answer.

UPDATE:You girls are right. Guinea's are what they are. I love that some of you added little tidbits of info. Some friends have some for the eggs. I have never eaten them but one day I will have to give it a try.

I thought I would wait till Sunday to give you all a chance to pop in. Thanks girls for playing along.


Nancy said...

I do believe they are Guinea Hens. I love chickens, but these have funny looking faces. They are great for bugs in the yard.

School for Us said...

I was trying to think of their names. When we lived in Oklahoma out in the country, we had some of these next door - though I never took any photos. I wish I would have now that I'm so "into" birds!

Missi said...

Guinea fowl :)~~M...their feathers are popular in women's hats and fashions...makes you feel a bit guilty when you look at how cute they are !

Penelope said...

I agree with Nancy Guinea Hens - we have some at our local zoo! :)