Saturday, January 17, 2009

HIstory -- American Revolution

American Revolution

I don't need my children to know a lot or go in depth on some topics but I do want them to know some of the history of this world. I am not those moms that have co-ops or classes on some history topics. I'm not the type of mom that goes all out when it comes to history and war. Yes, it is interesting to see what happened and how people went about it but it's not going to help my children to know every single detail on the subject.

So our way of doing some things is by notebooking pages and dvd's off of Netflix. PBS and History Channel documentaries are usually pretty good with showing our family what happened in history. We are a documentary movie type family.

What about the notebooking pages? Well, I love making these pages. I like lapbooking but notebooking is my favorite. That is the reason for the google group with all these pages posted on there. I just need to work on some more pages. More pages soon to come.

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teachingmom08 said...

I agree with you...on what they need to know on various history topics. We like to use the netflix movies for documentary's too. The children complain just a little, when they realize it's not their favorite movie in the mail...But then they get into what I have ordered for them.