Sunday, January 18, 2009

Little House for boys?

What do you think? I've always wanted to read the Little House books but since I have boys they have always looked down on it. They look at them and say that those books are for girls. I am still going to read them. Has anyone ever tried reading them to boys with success?

Since starting this blog earlier this week, I started reading the first book in the series. I can't wait to continue to read these with the boys. Even though, they complain every time I say that it's time to read the book they listen intently. So I guess that means, don't tell anyone we like the stories.

Another book I wanted to get was The Prairie Primer to go along with the books. I saw it last year at the homeschool convention and almost got it but then I figured the boys would complain about the "girly" books I was going to have to read with them. So guess what? hehehe This book is on order. Now I'll be looking to see when it gets here. This book is a unit study for a year or two. It goes thru every subject except math. I will be using that for some of the subjects so it can go along with our reading.

One more thing I got.....yes, the cookbook. I saw one at the library and it seems to have more reading in it. It tells you a little about where it was referenced and in which book. I think it will be nice for the boys to see how people used to eat and what they used to eat. Maybe they will not make faces when I make beans or dishes like lasagna. What do you think, should I make them some succotash, blackbird pie or what about pot roast of ox? Yummmm.....I can just see you all laughing at the thought of me making it. I'll be outside running around like a loony trying to figure out how to catch those blackbirds. hehehe
Can't wait to see how the reading goes and can't wait for UPS to drive up with my little box of books. "Like I really need anymore book!"

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Just: Carolyn said...

We are really enjoying reading these books, my 7 yod and 4 yos and I. My 13 yos on the other hand will NOT read these novels, no matter how bored he is! I guess I will have to find some other kind of novel that might interest him for him to read.

Let me know how you like that Prairie Primer, and you'll have to share some ideas that will go along with the younger age group for us to do.

Looking forward to hearing more about your adventures!

Hugs, Carolyn @};-