Thursday, January 17, 2008

Learning about Nature

Some of you may know that I love nature and taking pictures of those perfect place and of different animals. Well, maybe you all know by now. hehehe I think the most incredible place I went to was The Grand Canyon. Sorry no pictures. That was way before digital cameras. Anyway, the next place I went to visit was a friend in California. I still remember sitting in the backyard and listening to the leaves blowing in the breeze. It was fun. She took me to see Yosemite and Lake Tahoe. Isn't Half Dome amazing? What impressed me about this picture is that if you look all the way down you can see people. There were several magnificent waterfalls.
I think this trip rekindled my love of nature. Ever since then I've been with my camera in hand and looking for those beautiful shots. Having so much to do with school and our other activities limits the amount of time we have to go out to some nice outdoor places like these. Not to mention that we live in Texas and most of Texas is flat. Not very exciting.
So mostly I've been slowly getting the boys involved in outdoor/nature fun things for a while. Our next project is making some 2 liter bottle bird feeders for our birds. Here are two sites that I usually go on to get inspired. One is Barb's nature site and her other site. The other is the Handbook of Nature Study yahoo group.

I like all my bird ID guides and of course I've finally started figuring how to use The Handbook of Nature Study book. It's a very intimidating book because of its size and lack of color in the pictures but it has grown on me.

I also got a book on a trip to Half Price books. I got The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady. I love to look at that book. One other book that I've been looking over is Keeping a Nature Journal.

So there you have my nature side. Did you figure I had all that in me?


Just Carolyn said...

I have the Keeping a Nature Journal book, and I just love it! The kids and I started doing a journal of our own at the beginning of the year, but it got so cold quickly that we haven't been outside as much as I would like to lately...Thanks for sharing this nature blog today, it has inspired me to get back into studying nature, even if it is from our living room window! ;-)

Love, CH @};-

Nancy said...

Nice pictures! Nature has much to offer. Enjoy rekindling your new found love.

School for Us said...

Oh, I want to visit CA now!!! I've never been and it looks incredible! And, thanks for sharing about the yahoo group. I haven't heard of that one! I just joined, so maybe you'll see me around there. :-)