Wednesday, January 16, 2008

History Fun

We've been having fun with our new tradition of having tea time and reading. Since we are reading up on Marco Polo I thought it was the right time to read more of our book. I don't ever remember learning so much about Marco Polo when I was in school. This has been fun.
We also decided to do something different and take some time to do a lapbook on him. Since HOAC had a Marco Polo freebie I knew we had to do that one. As you can see we are not done yet but I thought I would show the project in progress. This is the first folder.
We have a little more done on the second folder. They still need to color and finish up a few more to add and fill up the folders.
All the boys are doing this but this is my 5yr olds lapbook. I thought I would show you his handwriting. He loves to write and I am glad about that.
We love reading the series of books Who Was....They have lots of drawings in them and are non-fiction. We have read a few already on different people and I do suggest these books. We also got this Marco Polo movie from Netflix. It's not rated but it's a Hallmark Channel movie and so far I am enjoying it. Although be warned, it is an almost 3hr movie so we are watching it in parts.

Now since I am talking about movies have any of you seen Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure? We also got it from Netflix and even though it is a movie about some high school kids it has some history in it. This movie is rated PG and is 1 hr and 30mins. Talk about the right humor for my kids. They were rolling on the floor on some parts.

We had a full day of learning including watching movies. I love homeschool.


nancy said...

That's the best kind of school!

Just Carolyn said...

Oh yes...I have seen this Bill & Ted's movie! It was my sister and I's favorite movie back when it came out and I was still in highschool! ;-) We still have funny little sayings from that movie that we say to each other to get a little laugh! Love it!!

I love the lapbooks your boys are working on, "Excellent!" Keep up the good work.

Goodnight! CH @};-

Tonya said...

Excellent!! Who knew that Bill and Ted would be a learning tool?? Too funny. I always hear "So-crates" in my head when I read about Socrates.

School for Us said...

Have fun with Marco Polo! And, isn't it amazing how much more we are learning now than when we were in school??? We also enjoyed the Nest video called "Marco Polo." You might check it out!