Monday, January 28, 2008

Lunch Time

On the way home from our Sunday meeting and a funeral talk, I saw something and made hubby back up for a picture. It was a Red-Tailed Hawk. It was on a private driveway eating something. When we backed up it flew with its food in its beak. We drove as close as we could get to it without making it go away again and got a few shots. Now I still don't have my zoom lens so I had to zoom in on the computer and it's not as clear as I would like it but you can see what he has.
You can see a little of the red from the tail and something else in the tree.
Yes, it had a snake. It flew away shortly after this but what a neat find. The boys thought it was "soooo" cool.


Just: Carolyn said...

That is amazing! You did a good job at Zooming in on him...he is clear! That is so neat...and kinda gross at the same time hehehe...but they have to eat something, and snakes is OK with me! The less around the better! hahaha

Very cool camera!
CH @};-
P.S. I love how big the pine trees get down there...they are so pretty!

School for Us said...

Just last week as I dropped my daughter off for some classes, I saw some kind of bird with a snake hanging from its beak. It was so fast and landed on a lightpole. I thought about going back, but didn't. (Can you believe that???) I just had places to go and things to do, I guess. Anyway, thanks for sharing! That's life, huh?