Sunday, January 27, 2008

Nature Picture Quiz

This is the second bird I took while visiting my friend in California and while visiting Yosemite. Some of you will have to look it up and that is the whole purpose of this. I know I had to do it. So take your guess and leave a comment. Come back here to see the answer.

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Update: Yes, again!! You girls are so on top of things. This is a Black headed Grosbeak.


denise said...

Oh, I think I know this one. A Grosbeak? Black-Headed?

nancy said...

I agree. I found a picture of a Black Headed Grosbeak that looks just like it. Very beautiful bird!

live4evermom said...

Ok is that your final answer? hehehe

School for Us said...

I was a bit lazy this time and peeked at the comments... :-) My dd is still sick - 4th day! Hopefully this is the last!