Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Nature Picture Quiz

Here it is....I have seen this bird outside several times. He is wonderful looking. Look at his mask. Kind of reminds me of Zorro. Please take a guess if you want to play the game and leave it in a comment. Make it a family project to figure out what this bird is. Perhaps challenge your children to figure out what it is. Hand them ID books and see what they come up with. Remind them about the mask being all black. Look at the colors, eyes, and beak. Guide them but also give them a chance to figure it out. It's fun and addicting.

As always come back this weekend and see the update on this blog for the answer. Have fun figuring this out.

UPDATE: Yes, it's a Loggerhead Shrike. You can go here to learn more. Thanks for playing along.

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Just: Carolyn said...

I will show my kids the pics in the morning, but my guess is its some kind of Shrike...the Loggerhead Shrike looks more like it than the Northern Shrike. I will see what my kids think...I wont show them the page I found, but will guide them, like you suggested! Until tomorrow then, ttfn!