Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Rain, rain go away....

We had thick rain clouds in the sky yesterday. I went out with the boys to put up another bird feeder and my littlest loves to look at the clouds and see shapes in them. Yesterday the clouds were moving very fast and he made a comment on that. So I took a picture and will put it in their school scrapbook.
Things are beginning to bloom and flower. Not much cold weather down in these parts. I saw this cactus I have that fell over on its side and is now blooming. I can't wait to take pictures as it come to a full bloom.
Shrubs are starting to grow too. We hardly had a winter this year. Sorry, to those of you in knee high snow. Although my boys would love to spend some time in the snow.
Everything is coming to life. Even spiders! EEWWWW! Can you see that pear shaped egg sack. I wonder how many spiders that is holding? Anyone want to come for the egg hatching party. hehehehe
Most of my pictures are taken right outside my door. It seems like if you look hard enough you will find something new every week.


Bayou Jac said...

Umm - that egg thingy is truly gross!

But - it is nature... doing what it does best!

And people say God doesn't have a sense of humor!?!


Just: Carolyn said...

I love the greenery and the shrubs already starting to show signs of budding! My favorite time of year is spring (end of May for us hehe), when everything is green again! What kind of shrub is that anyway? It is such a beautiful color green! The one with the little red bit on the bottom of the leaves.

I always like to look at pictures of spring like weather when we are getting extreme cold here. Thanks for sharing!

Wind chill this morning was -53' C! We are not going outside unless there is an emergency!

Ttyl, love, CH @};-

Nancy said...

Yeah, count me in for that party...NOT! hehehe