Monday, January 21, 2008


In celebration of my 100th post on this blog I am going to do a contest that will benefit someone out there that reads and comments on my blog.

A while back a public school teacher gave me a ton of books. What a great teacher. I have doubles of lots of the books. Some of these books were used by the teacher and have little sticky notes in them and some don't but they are nice books and and they were free books. Now you have a chance to have some of my doubles and I have a box full.

Here are the rules to this contest.
1. Come read my blog and leave a comment.
2. Leave at least one comment so I know you came and read and that's it.
3. Contest is from Jan 21-Feb 4.
4. Winner will be picked from those that came and left comments. Winner will be announced on Feb 4th. We'll get in touch and soon after that you'll get some free books in the mail.

Easy as that!

The prize is the following....

...and anyone can enter as long as you leave me a comment. I will probably do this contest again since I have so many books. So keep checking back if you don't win the first time.


Just Carolyn said...

Had to pop by to see your cool idea! I love books!! Sounds exciting! What a nice thing to do to share, reminds me of that scripture, "you received free, give free."

Goodnight! LYS, Carolyn

Tonya said...

How can I resist?? Of course I'd like to be entered. Thanks for your comments recently too!

Just Carolyn said...

Does our name go in the hat every time we post a comment? hehehehe

CH @};-

Netty said...

Read your post on JW HS sight.Its nice of you to share the books, as well as take the time to do so in such a fun way. We love books. Thanks
Your OK(lahoma)sis,

School for Us said...

Oh, how nice of you to share your gift! We'd love some new books. :-)

Mrs. G said...

Hi M!
I love the rose picture on your blog. I have a blog too, but not for home school, it's just comments from me about live in general.

My son would love to have THE VERY HUNGRY CATEPILLAR and I want Harry the Dirty Dog. I remember that from MY childhood.

Would it be possible for you to put a list up of all your doubles and we could pick from them rather than win them? I would REALLY LOVE that! THE EMPTY POT looks interesting too.

Thanks for your generosity!

frysmom said...

I love contests! And besides that I am so inspired by your homeschooling 'fun' things you do. And your pics are awesome. Enter me in!

lotsuvgordons said...

Okeedokee! think I finally have this thing figured out. COOL COOL IDEA! Luv contests! BTW, my girls are some of the penpallers from the home school list. Any other mom of penpallers here?
Is there a limit to how many times we post and/or can WIN?

Anonymous said...

got it, i found the place on another blog picture of the border collie at the fish pond. so if i don't join, i have to sign as "a nonni mouse", but i will always sign my name. i love your blog, i am a birder like you and i take all my grandchilden on field trips to learn about nature every chance we get. i have taught them all the names of the birds and even my 7yr old knew the birds when she was 3. chickadees and titmice anyway, redbirds, jays. her pepaw took her walking everyday outside to teach her about the leaves on trees, she loves to watch the leaves fall in the autumn and calls them leaf rain.

Missi said...

Great, fun and some great books too! I have 3 of them in my please don't enter me...but I just wanted to pop in and cheer on the thought~LOVE IT! ~Hugs, M

Penelope said...

Ok, I'm trying this again! I've tried to post a couple of times, but got an error message...harumph.

Hopefully this works!