Thursday, January 24, 2008

Tea Time Tuesday on Thursday

Yes, we did it this week. I love spiced chai tea and my two youngest love having tea time. The oldest is not fond of hot tea. I got my own mug not a cup, hehe, I love my tea more. My mom was here and I called her to come for hot tea too. She sat in my reading of our daily scripture reading and of Kate and the Beanstalk. We also read While You Were Sleeping, Madeline and a few pages of Treasury of Children's Poetry.
Now I am adding another picture that I think it so funny. My youngest has been begging for a dog. Almost everyday he asks me for a little dog. We can't have cats because of the kids allergies plus I'm really not a cat person. I would prefer a small dog but hubby is (so far) totally against a dog. My youngest has been working on changing his mind so today for writing I asked him to just write some words but he wants to write a sentence. Can you see those big eyes asking for a dog? I can. Then came a "great job" and a lesson on sentence structure. I just had to share this one. Too cute to pass up.
We are hoping to finish up our lapbook tomorrow and I will try to post about it then. Stay tuned.....


Nancy said...

Get him a dog already! hehehe

Too cute!

School for Us said...

Who could refuse that cute smile and those eyes? :-) And, what a way to get a lesson again... now THAT is a motivated child.

Just Carolyn said...

I love the look of your book list...I did a search on my library site for the While you were sleeping book, and the author has so many other cool books! I ordered 10 more I am sure, of books written by John Butler! Thanks for inspiring me to get interesting books for my little ones!


P.S. Where do you get those little white board things? I am guessing that is what it is, it looks like it anyway.

live4evermom said...

Carolyn, I got those white boards at Wal-Mart. It has lines on one side and plain on the back side. He loves to write on them. I use these instead of paper sometimes. He loves it.

Bayou Jac said...

I love the Tea Time idea!!
Where ever did you get those cute tea cups?!!!

We do our Daily Text first thing every school day! Each takes turn reading, and I have them copy the scripture into a notebook. They "hate" writing but love writing the text! (Go figure). My four year old tries to write hers in cursive.

I really like the Tea idea, though - I may have to borrow from you ;-)

live4evermom said...

Jackie, those tea cups are from an old set I got at WalMart. Nothing really special but I am in search of the perfect tea cups.

I hope you do borrow the tea time idea. I started it after another friend suggested it. I have a tea time books list on the side of what we have read so far.

Thanks for your comment.