Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Outdoor Hour Challenge

This week for our Outdoor Hour Challenge we heard an owl. It was exciting to hear it and my little one just stood there listened and smiled.

His one word description of what he heard was: hoo
His two word description of what he saw was: flying bird
His three word description of what he felt was: falling, hurting knee

We had a fun time outside except for the falling part. He was so excited to see a butterfly that he ran and jumped over a cord but didn't make it. I think this picture shows the adventurous child he is. I'm glad the weather is finally getting a little nicer. We are having fun with our Outdoor Hour challenges.


Anonymous said...

An owl...
your little guy might enjoy reading'Owl Moon' little guy like it!

School for Us said...

How cool! An owl!!! But, too bad about the fall. Love your son's descriptive words. Wasn't that a great challenge?

As far as lichens, I think I read somewhere else that lichens won't grow where there is a lot of pollution... but I'm finding lots of lichens, even here in Houston! Hmm....