Friday, February 29, 2008

Nature Picture Quiz

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What can this be? Can you name it? I am still unsure of it. I know there are a lot of these that look almost the same but with few differences. Take a look and see if you can figure this out.

Post a comment with your guess and maybe together we can figure the exact name of this beauty. Don't forget to look back here on Friday for the update.

Don't forget to involve the kiddos. Give them a look. Have them look through the websites with you. Share ideas on what it may be. Look at the eyes. Look at the spots. Maybe have the kids draw a picture of it. Then you also can go out looking for butterflies. If you find some take some pictures and share them on your blog. Don't forget to let me know and I will go take a look at your butterflies. This is a wonderful way to learn a little about this beautiful creature. A very easy and natural way of learning. Have fun with this quiz!

Don't forget to enlarge the pictures to take a closer look.

UPDATE: Ok, I've looked and looked in different guides and online to identify this one. It is a hairstreak. You all know that. There are so many different hairstreaks though. Some differences are just the markings and some may be the color of the eyes. It is sort of like looking at those books that have two pictures of the same thing and you have to look at what is different in them. Well, some differences are obvious at first glance and some you really have to look at. Here is another picture that shows another clue. I think this is a Dusky-blue groundstreak. What do you think?


denise said...

Gray hairstreak! :) I thought they were mostly west coast. How cool! Beautiful coloring.

Missi said...

The boys and I have been looking in our National Audobon Butterfly field guide and we think it is the zebina hairstreak??? It says they can sometimes be found in extreme south maybe? Can't wait to see what you find out:)

denise said...

Ooh, nice to see another shot. What a beautiful blue! My son says he wants to move somewhere with different butterflies since we have seen all of the ones around here! ;)