Saturday, February 9, 2008

Nature Picture Quiz

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I know I showed this picture before a few weeks ago but no one ever said anything about it. So now it's on a picture quiz. What do you think it is? Take a guess and leave your guess in a comment. I will give the answer by this weekend, so be sure to check back to find out.

I think this may be harder to figure out. At least it took me a long while and lots of surfing to find what this was. Don't forget to involve the kids. Make it a game. Something fun for Wednesdays.

Well, have fun searching for the answer. Don't forget to leave a comment with your guess.

UPDATE: Yes, you're right it's a White Tipped Black Moth. It took me a long time to find this one as it did you. Watch again next week for another picture quiz.


Just: Carolyn said...

It took a long time to use the right key words when searching, but I think we found it...very simply named...White Tipped Black Moth.

Thats my "educated" guess! hehe


Nancy said...

nice going, Carolyn! I didn't have time to look it up. I forgot this week.

School for Us said...

Sorry I didn't get to this. I haven't been reading blogs as much this past week or so. I hope I find more time this week! :-) Thanks for these quizes, though - I enjoy them!

Robin said...

I have to admit that I looked for this one last week, but I'm TERRIBLE at bug identification. I just couldn't find it. What sources do you use for ID-ing bugs?

Sprittibee said...

We had one of these in my yard when we moved in to our house - his wing was broken and we felt sorry for him. :( He was crawling on my sego-palm pot.