Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Nature Picture Quiz

This will be on top till Friday.

This is a picture I took at the aquarium in Corpus Christi and thought I would have you guess at what this might be. We thought this was a neat spider since we saw Steve Irwin talk about it on one of his shows. Is that a good hint?

Have your children try to figure this out. You can enter one or two guesses. This is just for fun. You don't have to know exactly what this is to guess. Just have fun with it and enter what you think it might be.

Be sure to check back on here for an update on what this is.

Just a side internet is not working but am hoping it will get fixed tomorrow. Having to go to the library for internet is no fun especially after a long school day.

UPDATE: This is a bird eating spider from Australia. It's in the tarantula family. These are the oldest of the spider types and generally possess a large, heavy set body with large fangs. They are venomous to varying degrees and include some of the most toxic species in Australia including the Sydney Funnel-web spider. Looks ugly doesn't it? EEWWWWW is right.


Nancy said...


live4evermom said...

You are so funny Nancy. Sorry that I didn't give you any warnings on this post.

School for Us said...

OH, I think it is beautiful! We had pet tarantulas when I was little. And, I've learned to give warnings on my blog when I post things like snakes... big spiders would count, too. :-)

Sprittibee said...

Man, that's a biggie. We have tarantulas here in Central Texas. ;) I caught one when I was a kid and took it to Science class. It was crawling near my leg on a wooden stump I was sitting on. I screamed at first, but I love bugs and spiders, so I have to gawk at them and catch them if I can. My son inherited this. He and I both love bugs.