Friday, February 8, 2008

New "Pet"

Hubby was cleaning the pool. Yes, it will almost be pool season here in South Texas. Maybe another month or so but we are starting to work on it and he found our next "pet" in the filter. So being a fun homeschooling dad he got our big pickle glass jar we were saving for science and put him there till we got home. Only a homeschool family has all these kinds of animals in the house.
This is the first time I have seen one of these. It's a bull snake. The only information that The Handbook of Nature Study gives specifically on this snake is that it chiefly eats rodents and can grow to more than 4 feet.
I've looked online to see what it says about it. It said its got a mean streak. Like I couldn't figure that out already. Everytime we got close to the glass it is in it would come up and hiss and strike. It also shakes its tail like a rattlesnake. This is one mean little guy. We have to feed it what is called "pinkies" and that is baby mice. So is anyone already saying eeewwwww, yet.

So off we go tomorrow to buy some pinkies. Anyone wanna come over to watch?


Robin said...

Wow! You are brave! I know my son would be over at your house in a heartbeat to see that little guy.

There is an albino bull snake at our nature center that GB just loves.

You should make a video of him eating the pinkies. Then we could all chorus with a loud, "EEEEwwwwwww! ;-)

Nancy said...


School for Us said...

My sister had a snake when we were kids - a python. She actually finally gave it up because she couldn't stand to watch it eat. The "pinkies" are so cute! Hope you enjoy your pet. Our python was actually very "sweet" and had a nice tempermant. :-)