Tuesday, February 5, 2008

First visitor to our feeder

I was so excited today when I looked out the windows of our family/school room and there he was on our feeder. Our first visitor to our feeder in almost 3 weeks. Still no takers on our fruit birdfeeders we made out of pummelo and cranberries. I just know they will come now. The excitement is building. This little guy is a Chipping Sparrow. The pictures are not that great because I am taking them from indoors and using the cameras digital zoom lens. Soon I will get my zoom lens for my new camera. Soon, can't wait.
We were watching a movie this afternoon and I just happened to look out at the feeders and saw something in the tree that caught my eye. I've never seen one of these guys either. This is an American Kestrel. The boys looked out the window and we were all in awe at the amazing colors on this one. This is the one and only picture I took before he got suspicious of us moving around in the house and took off. I guess he was looking for some delicious little mammels to gobble up and we are too big to pick up.


denise said...

Yay! Birds!!! Very cool!

Just: Carolyn said...

A friend in Saskatchewan had an injured one of those American Kestrel's and they brought it in and took care of it, when it was well enough to fly again they let it go. I saw pics of it in their house! It is a beautiful bird!


School for Us said...

Wow! That is incredible. Lucky you! :-) Glad you got a quick photo. And, I really enjoyed seeing this bird at our nature day. Amazing!!! We've had several new birds the past week, and I think I saw about 10 cedar waxwings in my tree last night! But, but they time I got my binoculars, they flew away. :-( Hopefully, they'll be back!!!