Tuesday, February 5, 2008

What are we doing?

It's February and we are already getting our garden started. We will have a little chilly weather tomorrow night but I guess for some of you its tee-shirt weather.

A friend and I were talking about starting a garden. I've always wanted to but our dirt is so bad and I don't like and don't have much time to work on a garden like that. Then she told me of something she wanted to do and thought it was a perfect idea for our garden. This is what we are going to do for our garden. What a great container garden idea, don't you think? Thanks Nancy for this idea.

We started with seeds and they look like they want to go outside already.
Do you see our green beans? They are the tallest.
We have to turn our little plants around, don't you think? I'll keep you up to date on how our gardening is going. Hope we can get it all set up and planted soon.


Nancy said...

Your plants look great!

School for Us said...

What are you growing besides green beans? We planted on Sunday and were shocked to see some sunflowers poking up already today!!! Less than 48 hours later!!!