Friday, March 21, 2008

Does it really matter what camera I buy?

This is a very tall tree in my backyard. I wanted you to see how the leaves have started to come out already. Pretty soon the trees will be full of leaves. Also, I wanted to share my thoughts on cameras. This is another reason I picked this picture to show the difference. If you click on this picture to see it bigger you will see almost in the middle on the top leaf a bee that stopped to take a rest. The image is wonderful.

I've had a Minolta DiMage Z1 3.2mega pixel camera and it has served me well. It was time for a change though. So after reading lots of reviews and looking at lots of blogs, I decided that a change was definitely in order.
So what have I learned? Well, this next picture says it all. I would never have been able to take that picture with my Minolta. All my pictures are straight from my camera and not doctored in the least.
So do I think it really matters what camera you use? Oh, absolutely YES! If you just take a few pictures here and there then by all means go for a point and shoot type camera but if you take lots of pictures then a Digital SLR is the right choice. I could tell the difference from the moment I took the first picture with my SLR.
Point and Shoot type cameras are more economical and easy to carry but a SLR takes the picture at that same moment. That doesn't mean I will not keep my Minolta. I love one feature on my Minolta that the SLR's don't have and that is being able to take video clips. All cameras serve a purpose. Now I can't wait to go on a nature day trip to use my camera.


denise said...

Wow! Great photo - that is amazing!

I bought a good digital camera like 6 or 7 YEARS ago (ack!) so I am ready for a new camera. That, and my focus is getting loopy. Nice to hear what you think of yours. So many out there, so hard to choose!

Penelope said...

Oh a new camera!! What kind did you get??

School for Us said...

I carry BOTH of my cameras around a lot of the time - especially on our nature outings. They both take great photos, just of different things.