Friday, March 21, 2008

Nature Picture Quiz

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It's Wednesday again and time for another Nature Picture Quiz. These are all over our area. I don't see any leaves. All I see is those yellow flowers. I think it's not only spring time again but allergy season is beginning.

Ok so what do you think this tree is? This is the first time I put up a picture of a tree. Can you figure out what it is? Go ahead and look it up with the kids. Try to figure it out and post a comment with your guess. On Friday I will give you the answer or will you all guess this one too. You all are getting real good at this quiz thing.

UPDATE: Well, where are you all with all the guesses? You all usually give me the right answer. So today I will tell you what it is. This tree is mostly in Texas. It's called a Huisache pronounced wee' satch. Huisache comes from the language of the Nahuatl Indians, a group of Mexican and Central American tribes. The yellow blooms are very fragrant and used to make perfumes and dried and put in sachets to give clothes the perfumed smell. The blooming of this tree signals that spring has arrived and so has allergy season.

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