Saturday, March 29, 2008

Lots of color and music

There is lots of colors springing up everywhere. Lots of pretty colors! Spring has arrived for us. If you click on this picture to see it closer you will notice that the flower actually looks like an orchid.
What has also arrived is time to get that mower out every weekend to cut the grass. That also means time to get out the allergy medicines. Good thing my oldest doesn't have problems with allergies like the other guys do.
Our trees are starting to get their leaves too and the birds are all around. Can you see the red and yellow on his wing? His song is so recognizable to me now. Lots of music outside now. They are loud. You can click on the pictures to see this guy better.
These are a few pictures from today's outdoor walk. I love going outside and hearing all the birds from close and far away. My favorite thing to listen to is the leaves as the wind blows them around. Soon, I will hear that too.

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denise said...

Great photos! So much growing there!