Friday, March 28, 2008

Nature Picture Quiz

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This is a tree. It has some fruit growing on it. This will be the first year that it will give us more than a handful of these fruits. Can you guess what it is? Remember to look at the leaves and fruit for clues. Look through your tree info books or online and share what you find with your children.

Please leave a comment with your guess and on Friday I'll give the answer. Check back then on this post for the update.

UPDATE: Thanks for playing along. This one I think was a little harder. This tree is a Loquat Tree. It starts with little fuzzy buds that flower into a beautiful white flower. Then you have this green fruit that turns to a orangy-yellow fruit when ripe. They are small but tasty. Oh and I thought this was an interesting fact I found on Wikipedia. It said that eaten in quantity, loquats have a noticeable but gentle sedative effect, with effects lasting up to 24 hours. I'll have to remember this when I am not sleepy. There are many trees around town that their fruits are already mature. Mine are still green. Can't wait till we can pick ours to eat them.

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denise said...

Hi! I came back for the answer this week - we looked around and my 5 year old first guessed limes, then avocado then fig. He had a harder time with this one! :)