Friday, March 7, 2008

Nature Picture Quiz

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If you are wondering what this Nature Picture Quiz is all about, well, it's just that. A picture on nature things and you guess as to what it is. You leave a comment with your guess and on Friday I will post the answer. This is a wonderful way to incorporate nature studies into your day. You will be learning about different things and adding to yours and your children's knowledge. So play along.

On our field trip to Corpus Christi we were by the water and saw these guys. What are they?

Click on the pictures to enlarge if you want to see them closer. Look these guys up in field guides or online. Learn about them. Learn what they eat, where they migrate to, how many eggs they have, and perhaps learn one unique thing about them. Take out a nature journal and have the kids draw them. What about writing something about them. If the children are smaller they can copy a sentence you write for them or they can just write a one or two word description about them.

Just have fun and learn having fun. Don't forget to leave a guess and look back on here for the update.

UPDATE: Laughing Gulls it is. If you click on the bottom picture you will see a juvenile which is more brownish. They do sound like they are laughing. Pretty cool birds. Stay tuned to next weeks picture quiz. I wonder what it will be?


denise said...

We decided Laughing Gull (Larus atricilla). We watched a YouTube video of a huge group of them cackling. The boys loved it! ;)

School for Us said...

I was going to say some kind of gull, but didn't look it up. Maybe Denise can send a link to the YouTube video?

I just noticed the "books I'm reading" on your sidebar - I've read "Teach Like Your Hair's on Fire" 3 times in the past few months - well, once all the way through and then a lot of it 2 more times. Did you enjoy it? I found it amazing!