Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Our Wonderful Weekend

This weekend we were in San Antonio with lots of friends. We took in some spiritual food then we went to take in some physical food and some wonderful association. This is part of our little homeschool group that meets up on different occasions. The funny thing is that we can never take a great kid picture. If you see most of the kids are making some sort of face. We all had a wonderful time being together.
Of course, I gotta show us homeschooling moms. Don't we all look great?
Don't we look happy to spend another day together drinking in all the wonderful information we received and also our time together? I am all refreshed and ready to go again.


denise said...

Great pix! Love the kids faces...and the super mama photos. YOu DO all look great! :)

School for Us said...

It looks like a great group of homeschoolers!!!

Missi said...

How good & pleasant to dwell together in unity:)~Psalms 133:1