Monday, March 24, 2008

Our Experiment

This was what we finally started today. I'm still working on our weeds in the background but a little at a time will get us there. So what are we doing with those kiddie pools? Well, a friend of mine showed me this site and the idea grew from that time. It was just an idea because it was too cold to start the real thing till now. We've been fixing our flower beds and getting our garden ready. It is spring here.

I'll let you know the progress of our garden as time goes by. It will be exciting to see how this works out for us.


School for Us said...

Great idea!!! We need to get working on our garden, too.

denise said...

Interesting idea! Much more portable and not as much $$ as raised beds too. And can be easily cleaned up every year. Looking forward to seeing your progress!