Thursday, May 29, 2008

What's for Science?

If you don't know by now, I guess I have to tell you. We just love to go over the Apologia books for science. We are finishing up the Flying Creatures one right now and will be doing the Swimming Creatures starting next year. I have plans for this book too. We are doing some lapbooking for the birds but I think that with the Swimming Creatures book we will just do it as the book suggests.
So what are our plans. Sort of the same thing as in history. The book has 14 lessons and we will do each lesson in 2 weeks. That gives us a total of 28 weeks to finish this book. What will we have at the end of this book? We will have a notebook of drawings and illustrations. My favorite is the ocean box that takes all 28 weeks to do. You do a little at a time and end up with a box of all the animals you learned about in the box made out of clay or paper. I think we will do ours out of clay. Of course, there are the experiments that they love to do. I really can't wait to get started with that because I can just see our field trips....the beach, the aquarium and more of the beach. Oh, what fun!
So here you have my lesson plans for the first 4 weeks in science. I have it all done it takes too much room to put it here. If you want to see more or know more just ask.

Each lesson will be 2 weeks long and it will be 3 days a week.
Lesson 1 Aquatic Animals
Day 1 Read pgs 1-4
Day 2 Read pgs 5-10 do Try This!
Day 3 Read pgs 10-15 do Try This!
Day 4 Read pgs 16-17 do Your Notebook
Day 5 page 17 Ocean Box
Day 6 page 18 Experiment

Lesson 2 Whales
Day 1 Read pgs 19-23
Day 2 Read pgs 23-28 do Try This!
Day 3 Read pgs 29-34 do Try This!
Day 4 Read pgs 35-39 do Your Notebook
Day 5 Read pgs 39 Ocean Box
Day 6 pages 39-40 Experiment

Lesson 3 Seals and Sea Cows
Day 1 Read pgs. 41-45
Day 2 Read pgs. 45-50
Day 3 Read pgs. 50-53
Day 4 Read pgs. 53 do Notebook
Day 5 Read pg. 53 Ocean Box
Day 6 Read pg 54 Experiment

Lesson 4 Aquatic Herps
Day 1 Read pgs. 55-58 do Try This!
Day 2 Read pgs. 58-64 do Try This!
Day 3 Read pgs. 64-68 do Try This!
Day 4 Read pgs. 68-71 Notebook
Day 5 Read pgs. 71 Ocean Box
Day 6 Read pg. 72 Experiment


hsmomma said...

Science is still my favorite!

Just: Carolyn said...

thanks for sharing the rest of the lessons with me!