Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Summer Time Fun

So do you like my new way of posting pictures? I am having fun putting pictures together. I usually take a bunch of pictures and only use a few but this way I can post many pictures all in one. Pretty nifty idea, eh?

The boys had fun today at the pool. This has become their regular physical education time. They love it. My baby is getting bolder in jumping into the pool. He has a "super suit" on. That is what hubby called it and the name stuck. So now when hubby comes home my baby will run around asking for his "super suit" and he wants to get in the pool as soon as he walks in the door. hehehehe They are in the pool at least an hour. Maybe we'll try some bike riding tomorrow.

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Missi said...

Martha's going to become a digiscrapper *wink*~ I love it! and a lot less time consuming than the traditional type of scapping...really cute pic page~:), Missi