Friday, October 24, 2008

Nature Picture Quiz

So let me tell you about this caterpillar. I had seen my lemon tree losing leaves. So I went outside to see what was on it and found not one but two of these ugly looking things.
Don't forget to click on the picture to see it up close. They look like bird poop, don't they?
I hope you all will take a guess at what these might be? As of this moment we have chrysalis'. I'll update the pictures later in the week so you can see. Come on take a guess. Look thru any Id books you might have or on the internet. I'll post an update on what this is next week. So look back on here to find out what it is. Who knows maybe I will have a butterfly by then.

Update: Ok, It's a Giant Swallowtail butterfly or at least it will be one.


Just: Carolyn said...

OK, OK, I just read about something like this, where one of the caterpillar's defenses is to look like bird poop, but do you think I could remember it!?? No!!! So the kids and I will look it up tomorrow and get back to ya! I am helping our guest start a butterfly's lapbook, so I should be able to remember! ;-)

Love ya,
CH @};-

Bayou Jac said...

Well, it goes into my "Ewww, gross" file, but it looks like a slug to me.

teachingmom08 said...

I know I am sooooo late with this post but, ewwwww! I agree with bayou jac. lol! How do you find such things?